Education Program

With 80% of IT budgets tied up in incumbent solutions, it's an economic imperative that organizations prioritize controlling supplier incumbency by elevating the role of IT deal makers.

Led by former senior sales executives from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, EMC and other large IT suppliers, ClearEdge delivers a customizable curriculum designed to:

  • Raise awareness of supplier sales systems and negotiation strategies
  • Equip your team with skills to inspect deals for opportunity
  • Develop leadership to drive and cross-functional alignment necessary to preserve leverage
  • Approach negotiations from a position of strength

ClearEdge has observed that enterprise sourcing teams are strong negotiators, with rigorous processes that excel in competitive situations such as new solution purchasing. Unfortunately, these tried-and-true sourcing processes break down as a business becomes more and more dependent on incumbent solutions. Sourcing teams receive deals late in the buy cycle, with little to no leverage, but are still expected to pull a metaphorical rabbit out of a hat at the negotiation table.  This rarely works with incumbent solutions.


Awareness of Sales Systems

Building on ClearEdge’s team experience as former senior sales executives, combined with real-time experience from thousands of client deals, this module takes a deep dive into the dynamics of value-based pricing systems and gives an inside look at the life of sales professionals for your largest incumbent suppliers. Key areas of focus are:

- How are sales teams trained to negotiate?
- How are sales teams compensated?
- How do sales teams build client relationships?
- How do sales teams uncover critical client information?

Inspection Skill Sets

This module equips your team to implement a culture of value-added deal inspection. Tools and skills provided include building a Business as Usual (BAU) spending model, Deal Inspection and Negotiation Strength Assessment score-cards, and detailed timelines customized for all major IT categories and vendors.

- How to play the game like the vendors.
- How to build credible deal alternatives.
- How to protect critical information and preserve leverage.
- How to improve pricing without damaging relationships.

Marketing Your Value

Developed as a direct result of client feedback, this module combines custom workshops and client case studies to provide clients with the recipe for overcoming the internal challenges of incumbency.

- How to sell the value of deal-makers to internal business partners
- How to change the status quo on incumbent deals to maximize deal-maker value
- How to understand the perceived value and cost of your services
- How to navigate day-to-day conflict in internal politics.