Education Program

The ClearEdge Education Program is a series of customized in-person sessions designed to develop overall awareness of the pricing programs employed by the largest IT suppliers and the skills needed to maximize the value received from strategic suppliers.  The program contains the following sessions:

Sales Targets & Tactics   Meet Your Counterpart


The theory, strategies and techniques suppliers use to sustain value-based pricing programs. By understanding these programs, clients can develop the framework necessary to implement a value-based approach to buying and outmaneuver the sellers at their own game. 


An inside view of how supplier sales organizations run deals and maximize the long-term return on client relationships. You'll learn what motivates sales reps and how organizations harness their strengths and influence their behavior to increase margins.

Managing Leverage & Uncertainty   IT Services Sales Strategies

Uncertainty is one of the strategies buyers can use to gain leverage from their suppliers in any IT transaction. This course will provide the foundation and strategies needed to maintain supplier uncertainty in your procurement process.


Engaging with professional services firms on complex IT projects can be some of the most difficult spending events to execute. We’ll explore the buying process to help attendees understand what strategies and tactics you can deploy to maximize value during this process.

Executing Complex ELAs   Controlling the Compelling Event

Techniques to evaluate the cost and value of long-term financial structures vs. Business as Usual (BAU) pricing to shape a deal based on your priorities - not those of the seller. Develop a BAU, work off your numbers and use downside sales risk to improve your pricing.


This session offers techniques to ensure internal teams communicate the right messages and define the "compelling event" to drive more competitive pricing and value.

Category Workshops    

These workshops focus on using the V.A.L.U.E. Guide framework to execute spend events in the major IT solution categories - from mainframe to business applications, network to storage. 



Battling Supplier Incumbency   Anatomy of an IT Services Deal

This session is designed to help buyers understand how suppliers maintain and strengthen standards inside a customer environment and examines techniques to redefine franchise commitments to reduce short- and long-term costs.


Companies report that only 25% of all IT projects are deemed “successful”  In this session, we’ll explore the 8 Primary Causes for IT Project Failures and how these can be avoided.

V.A.L.U.E. Guide™ Fundamentals        
  Setting the framework for successful technology acquisitions requires situational awareness and a repeatable process for self-inspection.  This session will delve into the V.A.L.U.E. Guide Methodology as a process to understand each key stage in the technology buying cycle.